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The IBC show 2017 as if you were here !

Perfect Memory offers to its followers its own vision of the IBC 2017. Meet la Perfect and its latest product: Trouvé™, the new search interface for Perfect Memory’s Smart MAM. The replay is available on our Youtube channel. ...

Perfect Memory unveils Trouvé™ at IBC17

For the fifth year in a row, Perfect Memory is attending the International Broadcasting Convention.The IBC exhibition of Amsterdam is the #1 event for companies involved in Content Creation & Management. Perfect Memory hangs its hat in Amsterdam for a few days to unveil its latest product : Trouvé™ ! This cutting-edge Discover ‘n Search plug-in combines the depth of semantic technologies with the user-friendliness of top-rated Apps. Register now ( for a personal demo of our Smart MAM at our booth : Hall 8 B36. The show takes places at the RAI Amsterdam from the 15th to the 19th September. More informations available on the IBC website. ...

[retro2016] Perfect Memory gains the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission

Perfect Memory is proud to receive the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission, as the institution managing Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Program for Research and Innovation 2014-2020. SEDIMENTS (Semantic Digital Memory Exchange Transport Security), the project submitted by Perfect Memory, aims to develop and commercialize a Semantic Data Management Platform. Labeled as a disruptive technology, the project was greated by the Commission. You can read the entire press release by following this link:  CP ‘Seal of Excellence’. ...

Recent news

[NAB] Discover Perfect Memory’s Semantic Enterprise Digital Asset Management System for Broadcasters

For the third time, Perfect Memory will attend to the NAB Show in Las Vegas. This is the top #1 event for Broadcast professionals, with more than 90,000 attendees. Perfect Memory will introduce its main product for Broadcasters : a Semantic Enterprise DAM System! This product enables to Simply the Media Production Chain but also to Value and Monetize every document possessed by any organization. With this kind of technology, the tagline “Where Content Comes to Life” have never been more true than this year! Find us at booth SU4714, at the French Pavilion in the Upper South Hall. The exhibition lasts for the 24th to the 27th in Las Vegas Convention Center. Don’t hesitate to book a personal demo here: More information on ...

[CES] Meets Perfect Memory on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean

For the third time in a row, Perfect Memory will attend the famous Consumer Electronic Show, the top #1 event in Electronics. Organized by the Consumer Electronics Association, the event takes place in Las Vegas (Nevada) on January 5th to 8th. Along with the French Delegation – so called “French Tech” – Perfect Memory is back in Las Vegas to seize business opportunities on American soil. Last year, Perfect Memory introduced Famille, a B2C Web App designed to manage, enhance and publish home movies and family photos. The CES is the perfect place to contemplate the last technological innovations, but also to present a glimpse of the last fews months of Research and Development, especially in the Broadcast line of business. We can’t say anymore of it, come at our booth to discover it with your own eyes. More informations on the CES : Find us in Las Vegas : Hall G Booth 506634 Book a personal demo here : ...

RTL Belgium chooses Perfect Memory’s Semantic Platform

This project, which is part of ambitious innovation programs driven by the enterprise for the past 20 years, aims to connect production and operation channels of data and content, in order to better serve the operators and improve its user experience. Steny Solitude, CEO and Founder of PERFECT MEMORY, specifies: “With our key challenge of putting data at the heart of the new audiovisual asset management system, this platform enables us to strengthen the strategic needs of traceability and simplification of access to all the steps of the document life-cycle: from its production, to broadcasting “On Air” and on the Internet, and until its archiving.» RAFFINÉ™, the innovative offer of PERFECT MEMORY, a cloud-powered semantic data management platform (S-DMP), capable of automatically reconciling every type of data source (internal and external), every data format (text, image, audio, video), and every data type (structured or non-structured). The platform can be deployed as a standalone application or integrated with existing solutions (DAM, MAM, GED). The technical team in charge of the project at RTL Belgium, composed notably of Thierry Piette, Thomas Matelart, Antoine Pichault and Frédéric Bochart, unanimously states: “The main reason for choosing Perfect Memory resides essentially in the capacity of its solution to reveal the entire value of available content, presenting to users in a suggestive format, which brings them to navigate by suggestion of concepts. This approach allows use to open the search field to producers, who would not have necessarily searched for the content which had been suggested by the software. Furthermore, PERFECT MEMORY was presented to RTL Belgium as a Technology partner, whose  objective is to build an evolutionary, high-performing, agile, interoperable solution geared towards the future.” Let us remember that PERFECT MEMORY, in the advent of IBC 2016, will celebrate 6 years of development and intensive structuring, and already owns  an asset of prestigious references in the Broadcasting, Media and Audiovisual World, such as: Radio France, Belgavox, and TV France International. Download the press release   ...

Next stop, Amsterdam !

For the fourth consecutive year, Perfect Memory will attend the International Broadcasting Convention. This is the top #1 annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide. It takes places at the RAI Amsterdam from the 9th to the 13th September 2016. Attracting 50,000+ attendees from more than 170 countries each year, IBC combines a highly respected and peer-reviewed conference with an exhibition that exhibits more than 1,400 leading suppliers of state of the art electronic media technology and provides unrivalled networking opportunities. In 2013 Perfect Memory walked out with two awards : IBC Award for Content Management and IBC Award for technology “What Caught My Eyes Looking For Blue Sky”. In September Perfect Memory comes back in Amsterdam to unveil its new partnerships. We delivery to the broadcasters the best of Big Data, MAMs and Semantic Web to increase their revenue with rich and captive products catalogs. Meets us at the 8D82d booth in the Hall 8 for a tailor-cut demo. You can download here the IBC Floorplan. More informations are available on the IBC website. ...

Big Data issues : Is it all about crunching the numbers ?

As Gary Marcus says in the New York Times: “Big Data is suddenly everywhere, everyone seems to be collecting it, analyzing it, making money from it and celebrating its powers” But first of all, what is Big Data ? According to Avita Katal, Big data is defined as large amount of data which requires new technologies and architectures so that it becomes possible to extract value from it by capturing and analysis process. Due to such large size of data it becomes very difficult to perform effective analysis using the existing traditional techniques. Big data due to its various properties like volume, velocity, variety, variability, value and complexity put forward many challenges. Few statistics : according to CISCO, in 2013 Internet Communications weighed 667 exabytes. On the other hand, through Social Media, we produce more than 12 terabytes of data each day. Then what challenge does the Big Data rise ? Dr. Timo Hannay empathizes three key points : “first we have to understand that information is power, data is the new oil; on the second hand we must teach and train data professionnals (Data Mining Engineer, Chief Data Officier,…) and last but not least we have to design new tools to handle Big Data issues.” During the CES, check out our booth (81241) for a personal demo. ...

Focus on the Flow of Information

Today, we will talk about the Flow of Information. Perfect Memory deals with tons of data, we process information then we extract knowledge from it. To better understand the ins sand outs of Knowledge Curation, we offer you an extract from one of Danah Boyd’s public speeches. She is a social media scholar, youth researcher, and advocate working at Microsoft Research, New York University Media Culture & Communication and the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society. « For the last few centuries, we have been living in an era of broadcast media, but we have been switching to an era of networked media. This fundamentally alters the structure by which information flows. Those who believe in broadcast structures recognize the efficiency of a single, centralized source. There’s some nostalgia here. The image is clear: 1950s nightly news… everyone tunes in to receive the same message at the same time. There are the newspapers, the radio stations, the magazines… all telling the same news-y story. Centralized sources of information are powerful because they control the means of distribution. There is also the town gossip, the church, and the pub. These too were centralized channels for disseminating information. Broadcast media structures take one critical thing for granted: attention. There is an assumption that everyone will tune in and give their attention to the broadcast entity, even though that was never true in the first place. As TV channels and publishing brands proliferated, we’ve seen that attention can easily be fragmented. Over the last few decades, increasing numbers of entities have been fighting for a smaller and smaller portion of the pie. Even gossip rags started competing for attention. The opportunities for media creation have been rising for decades, but the Internet provided new mechanisms through which people could make their own content available. From blogging to social network sites to media sharing sites to sites that provide social streams, we are seeing countless ways in which a motivated individual can make their personal content available. There were always folks willing to share their story but the Internet gave them a pulpit on which to stand. “Internet technologies are fundamentally dismantling and reworking the structures of distribution.” Internet technologies are fundamentally dismantling and reworking the structures of distribution. Distribution is a process by which content creators find channels through which they can disseminate their creation. In effect, they’re pushing out the content. Sure, people have to be there to receive it, but the idea is that there are limited channels for distribution and thus getting access to this limited resource is hard. That is no longer the case. As networked technologies proliferate around the world, we can assume that there is a channel of distribution available to everyone and between everyone. In theory, anyone could get content to anyone else. With the barriers to distribution collapsing, what matters is not the act of distribution, but the act of consumption. Thus, the power is no longer in the hands of those who control the channels of distribution, but those who control the limited resource of attention. This is precisely why YOU were the Person of the Year. Your attention is precious and valuable. It’s no longer about push; it’s about pull. And the law of two feet is now culturally pervasive ». Then she highlights four core issues about the evolution in the way Information flows : Democratization, Stimulation, Homophily and Power. You can read the entire speech transcription on her website, entitled « Streams of Content, Limited Attention: The Flow of Information through Social Media » During the CES, meet Perfect Memory in booth 81241 ...