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[IBC Accelerator] Inside Perfect Memory’s collaboration with Hollywood studios

Perfect Memory is proud to have participated in the IBC Accelerator project “Usable VFX Archive”. The challenge was to demonstrate how to make the VFX archives actionable for the studio and its ecosystem, realising and exploiting value from film, TV and games 3D components. Too much time and money is wasted in redoing, searching and buying what is already available and usable. Perfect Memory collaborates on this project with MovieLabs, driving innovation and solutions to the challenges faced by Hollywood today (Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Sony Innovation Studios…). Met during the Production Technology Seminar in Geneva, the IBC Accelerator committee saw in Perfect Memory’s DAM-as-a-Brain a high-value proposition for what MovieLabs aims to solve. After a full presentation of Perfect Memory solution in London, we were on board ! The deliverables of the project were: 1) A standard MovieLabs data model for VFX archive, 2) A Proof-of-concept that integrates the model and demonstrates that: – maintaining the links between all VFX components is the key to critical information propagation as rights and authors – reconciling the editorial information with the production environment information is mandatory for the preservation of archive – searching and browsing models, textures, materials according to business-oriented configuration answers critical business needs. The PoC demonstrated that we can keep searchable and operable any VFX archive produced at any moment by any stackholder of the workflow. As a consequence, turn archives into Assets. Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Cédric Lejeune, from Workflowers, for his support. A glimpse of the user interface created to navigate into VFX assets. ©Perfect Memory 2020 ...

IBC Accelerator: Perfect Memory teams up with Hollywood Studios

This year’s IBC Show is virtual and the Perfect Memory team will not walk about the streets of Amsterdam as usual. We were looking forward to welcoming you at our booth to show you the latest developments of our flagship product: the Raffiné™ suite. Nevertheless, the Perfect team has been busy this summer and has been preparing in the greatest secrecy a major partnership through a challenge proposed by the IBC Accelerator Program. Carried by Movie Labs, the “Useable VFX Archive” project aims to provide an answer to the strategic issues of the exploitation of digital visual effects archives (VFX) owned by Major film studios. The stakes are high, Perfect Memory is proud to invite all of you to the project presentation which will take place on Wednesday, September 9th, live from the IBC platform. Our presentation will be delivered by our privileged partner Cédric Lejeune, Workflowers manager and media workflows expert. More information about the project here: To register for the IBC Showcase: To get a preview of our demo video, you can contact us at the following address: VFX Example     ...