Semantic data: The challenge of live sport data

La Perfect is very proud to share its last collaboration in the research field: a piece published in the last issue of the Journal of Digital Media Management. In this summer of 2018, la Perfect worked closely with the European Broadcasting Union to manage the 2018 European Championships data feeds. Jean Pierre Evain (EBU Technology and Innovation Department), Francesco Piva (EBU Software Engineer), Guillaume Rachez and Cédric Klein (Perfect Memory Project Leaders) testify about the challenge of handling live sport data, through a semantic approach.

The full article is available on the Journal of Digital Media Management Website, but you can read the abstract below.

In the world of sport, the role of data is absolutely central. During any competition event, continuous data feeds provide information on athletes, teams, start lists, schedules and live results — information that must be handled seamlessly and in real time. During the 2018 European Championships, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) applied semantic modelling to sport data, using a platform with a back-end capable of handling thousands of live data messages in real time. Official data from the event organisers was provided in the Olympic Data Feed format and transformed live to the EBUSport semantic format, before being fed to Perfect Memory’s smart media asset management system, connecting results, athlete bios and events to content edited from feeds and logging. The use of semantic technologies makes it possible to navigate linked data in innovative front-end applications. This paper provides a detailed review of the technical challenges faced when managing a semantic data driven ecosystem, and discusses the lessons learned.