RTL Belgium chooses Perfect Memory’s Semantic Platform

This project, which is part of ambitious innovation programs driven by the enterprise for the past 20 years, aims to connect production and operation channels of data and content, in order to better serve the operators and improve its user experience.

Logo-RTL-Belgium_RGBSteny Solitude, CEO and Founder of PERFECT MEMORY, specifies: “With our key challenge of putting data at the heart of the new audiovisual asset management system, this platform enables us to strengthen the strategic needs of traceability and simplification of access to all the steps of the document life-cycle: from its production, to broadcasting “On Air” and on the Internet, and until its archiving.»

RAFFINÉ™, the innovative offer of PERFECT MEMORY, a cloud-powered semantic data management platform (S-DMP), capable of automatically reconciling every type of data source (internal and external), every data format (text, image, audio, video), and every data type (structured or non-structured). The platform can be deployed as a standalone application or integrated with existing solutions (DAM, MAM, GED).

The technical team in charge of the project at RTL Belgium, composed notably of Thierry Piette, Thomas Matelart, Antoine Pichault and Frédéric Bochart, unanimously states: “The main reason for choosing Perfect Memory resides essentially in the capacity of its solution to reveal the entire value of available content, presenting to users in a suggestive format, which brings them to navigate by suggestion of concepts. This approach allows use to open the search field to producers, who would not have necessarily searched for the content which had been suggested by the software. Furthermore, PERFECT MEMORY was presented to RTL Belgium as a Technology partner, whose  objective is to build an evolutionary, high-performing, agile, interoperable solution geared towards the future.”

Let us remember that PERFECT MEMORY, in the advent of IBC 2016, will celebrate 6 years of development and intensive structuring, and already owns  an asset of prestigious references in the Broadcasting, Media and Audiovisual World, such as: Radio France, Belgavox, and TV France International.

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