Lifelogging : remember to forget

iphone-clipWhat is the goal of lifelogging ?

To record and archive all information in one’s life. It includes all text, picture, audio, video as well as all biological data from sensors on one’s body. The life logger can archive the information but also share it with others.

Life logging is not a brand new occupation : in the 1990s Steve Mann at MIT outfitted himself with a head-mounted camera and recorded his daily life on video tape. Talking to a man wearing a camera half-obscurcing his face was probably odd at this time.

But what about today ? In 2013, a swedish company launched the « Memoto Camera ». A 1.5 inch large camera which records two pictures every minute. You clip to your jacket and here you go. At the end of the end you get not less than 2.000 pictures of your meal, your desk and especially your computer screen.

Let’s take a step back : is taking more than 2’000 pictures of your day makes you smarter, or happier ? Does it impact your memory ? Do you really want to watch and recollect every moment of your day as Funès, the Borges character ?

What if the secret of memory is to forget wisely ?

Gather, structure and exploit every memory substrates as your photos or videos, this is the challenge of PERFECT MEMORY.

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